Free Theory Test Booking

Free Theory Test booking when you book / complete 24 hourly Driving Lessons and above

Get a Free Theory Test

As a thank you for choosing to book your course with us, we are offering to book and pay for your theory test (1 booking per customer) which is worth £23.00 with courses booked,  paid and completed of 24 hourly lessons and above.

24 hourly lessons must be completed to qualify for the free theory booking, any less and the theory test fee will be taken off at the end of the course.

Available only to pupils who have NOT passed their theory test.

All you need to do is to book online and leave the rest to us.

Please feel free to check out our theory and hazard perception test material online to help you study and pass your theory test first time. We have the most comprehensive DVSA theory test questions and hazard perception clip on our website. They are the latest DVSA material direct from the DVSA.

Day of the theory test.

When going for your theory test or practical driving test you will need to have the photocard of your provisional driving licence with you on the day. Get to your theory test centre at least 15 minutes before the start of your test. You will be asked to put all your belongings in a safe, you are not allowed to have your mobile phone with you while you are doing your test. This is to prevent any cheating. You will be given the result of your theory test at the end of your test. You will need to pass both the theory test questions and also the hazard perception test in order for you to pass the theory test itself. if you fail either the theory test or the hazard perception test you will have then failed the theory test.

To claim your free theory test today simply book your online driving lessons or call us on 0333 366 1251 for more information. You only pay for the lessons used. Unused lessons are refunded (if less than 24 hours are completed and you have claimed for the free theory test, the theory test fee will be taken off of your refund) You can read more about our Money Back Guarantee Policy here.

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