“New Drivers Could Be Banned From Driving At Night”- UK Government Says.

The Government is looking into banning new drivers from driving at night in order to improve road safety. The Department For Transport (DFT) is said to be considering an Australian type graduating driving licence. Source: DFT

The department is also looking at restricting the minimum learning period and not letting newly qualified drivers have passengers in the car with them whilst they are driving.

The DFT thinking comes as figures show that 1 in 5 new drivers are involved in a crash within 12 months of passing their practical driving test. The DFT is not yet saying how long the measures would be in place. It could be up to 12 months. They are said to be giving it serious consideration as part of the road safety action plan. They are said to have studied how the Australian system works.

DfT Data about Young people making up two-thirds of new drivers

DfT data about New drivers make up two-thirds of new Drivers (DfT Source)

DfT data about New drivers make up two-thirds of new Drivers in 2018-19 (DfT Source)

Michael Ellis the road safety minister is said to be in favour of it, he explained that getting a driving licence is exciting as well as very daunting for young people and he believes it might reduce the numbers of people getting injured or killed in England. The road safety action plan will be published on Friday, it is unsure if the rest of the UK will follow, Scotland will wait to look a the road safety plan and then make a decision.

Graduated driving licences for newly qualified drivers are being used in many countries including parts of the US, Australia and Sweden.

A graduated driving licence has not been proven that it will work to help road safety. Noel Gaughan from intensivecourses.co.uk believes it would be a step back for newly qualified drivers. Mr Gaughan believes the best way to make the roads safer for newly qualified drivers to make the driving test harder to pass.

Last updated: 29/10/2021

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