10 tips for passing your Driving Test at the First Attempt:


1 Use only a fully qualified driving instructor.  Lots of the bigger and smaller driving schools use trainee driving instructors (PDI’s), Intensive Courses only use fully qualified instructors (ADI’s).

2 All driving instructors in the UK are graded by the DVSA from Grade A and B. Try and get the highest possible grade of instructor you can, it will give you a much better chance of passing your driving test first time.

3  Check you have photocard part of your provisional driving licence with you, photocard and your theory test pass letter from the DVSA.

4 Once you have seen your driving instructor for the first time, get a plan in place for how many lessons you might need and over what length of time and check when you might be ready to pass your driving test.  Get a regular update on your progress at the end of each lesson to see if you are on course to pass at your agreed date, if not book in the extra lessons needed to get you there.

5 Get to know the area in which your driving test is being taken, as this will help with your confidence.


6  Get as much practice on small and large roundabouts as possible. Dual and single carriageways and small side roads.


7 On your driving test you will most likely get one but sometimes two manoeuvres, these consists of turn in the road (sometimes known as 3 point turn), parallel park, reverse into a parking bay, and last but not least reverse around a corner to the left (always from a major road to a minor road).

8  Turn up at the test area an hour or so before your driving test so you can get a chance to take a look around the test area, park in the test car park 10 minutes before the start of the test.

9 Make sure your driving instructor’s teaching licence is clearly displayed in your car, it will show the examiner that your instructor is confident of your driving ability (the examiner will note your instructor’s licence number on your test sheet).

Examiners are only looking for safe drivers, not Formula 1 drivers.
10  Remember to drive as you were taught, don’t take any risks.  Most people make some mistakes, try not to panic and give yourself enough time to think and plan ahead.  Examiners are human just like you, don’t make the driving test into a bigger thing than it already is.

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