Teaching Niall Horan from One Direction – Driving Success

Teaching Niall Horan from the band One Direction to driving was a lot of fun and pretty intense.

I was teaching Niall from One Direction and I just thought he was an ordinary lad. He is one of those very down to earth young men, with a great head on his shoulders. He learnt to drive in just one week with us. Niall had a lot more to contend with than our normal clients, every where we went on our driving lessons we were followed by screaming excited fans looking to get their photo taken with him or were looking for his autograph, which he always obliged with a big smile on his face even though it ate into his lesson time. I was more worried than Niall was about getting him up to a safe and good driver who was capable of passing his test first time.

Niall had a lot going on at the time of his driving lessons, as One Direction was getting ready for their world tour but he never let the pressure get to him. He passed first time with a near perfect drive and his driving examiner was very impressed by his driving ability.

Be like Niall Horan and pass your test first time with us.

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