Congratulations to Charlotte on passing your practical test with the help of Paresh from Intensive Courses

After failing my test several times as a teenager, I’d lost all confidence in myself as a driver and thought I’d never pass. But my instructor Paresh brought me back up to speed quickly and made me feel calm from the start – I was even able to drive myself home from my first lesson. By the end of the first week, I already felt confident that I’d be ready for my test in good time, and in the second week Paresh really helped me address any remaining issues that needed correcting and was really meticulous about nipping any problems in the bud. I went from feeling like I’d never pass to feeling confident and relaxed driving round busy parts of East London. And I passed in under two weeks! I’d highly recommend Paresh to learners looking to do an intensive course, even if they’ve tried in the past and lost confidence. Paresh is an excellent teacher!

Many thanks and have a great weekend.




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