Congratulations to Dan on passing your practical test with the help of Paresh from Intensive Courses, “I can’t thank Paresh and Intensive Courses enough for helping me to learn to drive. I booked it all online without any fuss.  At 36 and as someone with Dyslexia, ADHD, lack of self-belief and self-confidence, I always thought it was impossible for me to pass.  Paresh helped me to believe in myself, 30 mins into hour 1 of 30, he said ‘Dan, you’ll pass’. Of course I doubted him.
He was always clear and precise, even when I challenged something he said, he would explain in detail which made sense every time. He has a lot of patience and genuinely cares that you do well. He shows passion for what he does, something I wish more people did. You’ve got a great instructor there Intensive Courses!  As long as you listen to and action on what he says you’ll be well on your way to success. Believe in yourself.  Suffice to say, I passed and with 3 minors!  Dan – 07/2018”

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