Congratulations to Edward on passing your practical test with the help of Paresh from Intensive Courses

Dear Intensive Courses
I passed my driving test on Friday after two weeks intensive driving with Paresh. I’d like to thank Paresh for being such a good instructor. He let me learn in a way that was best for me. For example, I learn best if I can figure something out and then do it over and over again. So one three hour lesson, I wanted to focus on parking manoeuvres and so that’s all we did. Similarly for roundabouts.
He’s a real expert when it comes to driving, which you can tell because he’s able to explain problems in multiple ways. He takes time to figure out your perspective and then guides/corrects you. He encourages choice and taking responsibility for driving, which is key. He is patient and unflappable and does it all with a good sense of humour. I recommend him as an instructor unreservedly, Best wishes,

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