Congratulations to Faaiz on passing your practical test with the help of Roy from Intensive Courses


Hi Dennis,
I hope this email finds you well, I just wanted to drop you a message to let you know that I passed my driving practical test on Monday!
I am so pleased, I passed first time (with 8 minors) after an intensive course with Roy. I had a great experience learning to drive, he was a great teacher and I really enjoyed my lessons. The intense nature of the course under his expert instruction meant I picked up the maneuvers like parking etc. pretty quickly within a few lessons, which was great for my confidence and enthusiasm. He was great as he made me work hard on some of my more long standing challenges (like getting too close to the curb!) over the course, so that when I took my test – I didn’t get picked up on it at all! I Really pleased, I needed to be passed by the end of the summer before I moved away and I managed to this, which has been a big weight off my mind.
I would definitely recommend intensive course to any of my friends who are looking to learn, thanks so much!
Best wishes,


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