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Intensive Driving Course Brentwood

Brentwood Intensive Driving Courses – Areas Covered Brentwood, Romford, Upminster, Hornchurch, Ilford and surrounding areas in Essex.

At Intensive Courses, we offer quality driving lessons in the Brentwood area. We have brilliant local driving instructors covering your area. Our Driving Instructors are all fully qualified and of the highest grades.  Our driving instructors in Brentwood will pick you up from home for your driving lessons.

Congratulations to Josie on passing your practical test with the help of Yousouff from Intensive Courses
Congratulations to Josie in Brentwood on passing your practical test with the help of Yousouff from Intensive Courses

I just wanted to say a huge thank you. Firstly to Youssouff for being the best instructor I have ever had and getting Sam and I both through our driving tests! He was so professional, kind and constructive throughout the entire learning process and made us both feel at ease and confident throughout. I failed 7 tests 10 years ago and have been terrified of doing tests ever since but with Yousouff it was a breeze.

Secondly thanks to you for your commitment to getting us both tests up north before our move south, and being so flexible and helpful whenever we’ve spoken!

We are a well-established driving school in Brentwood and the surrounding areas so you can be reassured you are getting top quality driving lessons at a great price. Your driving instructor will guide you through your driving course and get you up to test standard in the shortest time possible. Our colleagues at our call centre will monitor your progress. They book your theory test and practical driving test for you.



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Our fantastic driving courses which are sometimes called intensive driving courses run from 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 9 day and 11 days. Or if you prefer you could do one of our semi intensive courses over a longer period of time, we are the driving school for you. Check out our prices.

Intensive Driving Courses In Brentwood

Top 10 Tips for learning in Brentwood

Where is the best quietest place to start your lessons from?

Just off Ongar Road you have Western Avenue heading up to Park Road then onto Mayfield Gardens, next right into Vine Way. In and around these roads there are lots of places to get started on the road to driving.  This will give you a great opportunity to change gears and do the basic maneuvers. Then once confident then heading onto B186 Warley Hill towards the local test area in Brentwood

What are the speed limits on the roads? 

There are mostly 30 mph in the area. The A12 is a higher speed limit road.

Are there many big or small roundabouts in my area? 

There are quite a few small roundabouts in the area but for bigger roundabouts then heading towards where the A12 meets the M25. It’s very busy so make sure you’re confident on roundabouts before tackling this one. 

Are there any dual carriageways?

A12 road is the closest dual carriageway.

What are the best times during the day to do your driving lessons? 

Avoiding rush hours is best if possible, during the day the traffic runs smoothly. 

Are there any busy/difficult/unusual junctions? 

It’s a busy town but the roads are straight forward.

Are there any places to practice bay parking? 

There are lots of parking spaces around the town to practice on.

Which are my nearest theory test centres?

The nearest theory test centre is Basildon and Chelmsford.

Where is my local practical test centre?

There are 1 DVSA practical test centre not too far away,  Brentwood.

Which is the easiest test centre to do your practical driving test in my area?

The local test centre has quite a few larger roundabouts and dual carriageways to contend with on the practical driving test. Brentwood town area is also quiet.  except during rush hours.

We want you to get the best out of our driving courses. Our intensive driving course are designed around your diary and at times that suit you. Your theory test is book at your local theory test centre and you decide which one is best for you by our colleagues . Why not check out the wealth of theory and hazard perception material we have on our website.

Your success in your driving exam will assist you to secure a lot of years of safe driving whether in a manual or an automatic motor vehicle. So, Brentwood residents, remember that you can learn how to drive in just 1 to 3 weeks with Intensive Courses. We are really looking forward to helping you get your full driving licence. Please call our colleagues on 0333 366 1251 and they will help you get started.

Intensive Driving Courses Brentwood.

As the leading driving school in Brentwood area you can be assured of the very best in customer care. All our driving instructors are fully qualified. Our intensive driving courses are from 5 days to semi-intensive courses up to 6 weeks. We tailor our courses around you.

Semi Intensive Driving Course Brentwood.

Our semi intensive courses can be spread over a period of no more than 6 weeks. Your driving lessons are booked in around your diary. We do a minimum of 2 hour a day and a maximum of 5 hours a day. Your practical driving test is booked in for the last day of your course.

Brentwood – Areas Covered

We cover all Brentwood postcodes. Areas covered: Brentwood, Romford, Upminster, Hornchurch, Ilford and surrounding areas in Essex.

How much does an intensive driving course cost?

Click here to check out our prices. For those wishing to spread out the cost, we offer a finance option

Important things you must know before start driving in your area

Whether you are taking driving lessons or doing your Driving Test, it may be a good idea to check the weather and live traffic before you drive. 

There are so many fantastic things to see and do in Brentwood. Now is the time for you to get your driving licence and get out there to see them. We have local driving schools dotted all around the Brentwood area so you are never too far away to start your driving lessons.

For great driving lessons in Brentwood with a great driving school call colleagues on our freephone number above.

Whatever Driving Courses you need, Intensive Course is the Driving School for you.

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Whatever Driving Courses you need,
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Last updated: 28/11/2022

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