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Niall Horan Driving Test

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Intensive Courses proved to be the answer to my prayers. I had to get a driving license before my pregnant wife went into labour and had left myself just a month to do so. As a thirty-three-year-old with no experience and a well-developed fear of driving I wasn’t hopeful but the attention to detail, genuine Read more

James O’Brien
British journalist

Congratulations to Adele Adkins who passed with Intensive Courses Driving School. Adele passed her driving test at Sidcup South East London driving test centre Friday 11th October at 10:14 am on her first attempt. Adele passed her test with 1 minor which her examiner thought … Read more

Adele Adkins
(English singer and songwriter)

Congratulations to Niall Horan who passed his driving test with www.intensivecourses.co.uk. Niall Horan looks ecstatic as he becomes latest One Direction star to pass his driving test with Intensive Courses, You can follow his driving success story published in the Daily Mail and The Sun. Read more

Niall Horan
(Irish singer and songwriter)

Congratulations to Jeany Spark on passing her practical test with help from her instructor Yousouff from Intensive Driving School. Jeannette Spark is known for portraying Linda Wallander in the British television series Wallander on BBC1. In 2010 she acted the part of a homeless girl the third episode of Sherlock … Read more

Jeany Spark
(English actress)

Fantastic instructor, lovely nutter, couldn’t have done it without Noel. Thank you.

(English recording artist and singer-songwriter)

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