How to find top driving instructors? When you start to think about learning to drive the first thing to think about is getting top driving instructors, I hear you ask how can you tell which driving instructors are great from the ones that may not be so good. We have all heard stories from friends or family about the instructors they have used, some of the stories you may have heard about bad or lazy instructors – the ones that make you wonder why they wanted to become a driving instructor – but don’t start thinking all instructors are the same, we are not.

The best instructors tend to get booked up quite quickly. All driving instructors are graded and one way of telling a great driving instructor is to ask them about the grade they received at their last check test (A check test is conducted by top DVSA driving examiner, they watch driving instructors on lessons and then at the end grade the instructor), every driving instructor in the UK is graded.

Before booking your lessons

Before you book your lessons in with your chosen driving instructor it is important to ask them a few questions first. The first question is about their check test grade, then ask about their pass rate. Make sure they can do the lessons at a time that suits your diary (try and avoid doing your lessons at the same time of day every day) as you may end up doing the same routes and it is important to vary the routes, If you are thinking of always doing your lessons in the evenings keep in mind that your instructor might have been teaching all day and they might be getting tired, a tired instructor is not what you need when learning to drive.

Top Driving Instructors - Intensive Courses

Top Driving Instructors – Intensive Courses

During lessons

There are often signs of a bad driving instructor, but great driving instructors will always have a plan for each and every lesson, it is no good just going for a drive with no plan (I call these fluffy driving lessons). The best driving instructor will ask you for a lot of feedback, this is to ensure that you understand and take on board what they are trying to teach you and also see if there is anything else you wish to know about the subject they are teaching you that day. Really great instructors will ask you to do a bit of homework (Spend an hour or so thinking about your driving and where you would like to improve).

Driving Instructors – Gut feeling

This is one of the most important things to go by when learning to drive, If you feel the instructor you have booked is not right for you then you should get a different driving instructor, don’t be swayed on this. You will be spending a lot of time in a confined space with your instructor so be 100% sure that they are the instructor for you. When you have found the perfect instructor for you, you will find you will learn to drive at a much quicker pace. By finding a great driving instructor you will already be halfway to passing your driving test the first time. All driving instructors are not equal, you should always demand and expect the best, you deserve that.

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Last updated: 05/09/2023

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