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A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it.

– Ray Davis

We will be blogging about all things driving related.  We will be keeping it informative and hopefully an interesting read for you.

If you have driving related experiences that wish us to write about please get in contact with us.

Chief editor

My name is Noel Gaughan

I run Intensive Courses,
I have been a driving instructor for over 25 years and I believe being a driving instructor is the best job in the world.

I have written for most of the driving instructor magazines in the UK.

What’s the difference between Crash Courses, Intensive Learning and Intensive Driving Courses?

What's the difference between Crash Courses, Intensive Learning or Intensive Driving Courses? What’s in a name? You’re searching for a quick but effective way to learn to drive, so you’ll have seen these phrases a few times. But what’s the difference between them, and how relevant to you are the...Read More

Differences between Good and Bad Driving Instructors

Driving lessons are not cheap so you should look to get the best driving instructor you can find, but how can you tell the difference between a good driving instructor and a bad one. Getting a bad driving instructor cannot only help you waste money but also can cause you...Read More

Driving Test Fail? 🙁 What Should I do next?

Driving Test Fail?  Have you failed your driving test again?  A lot of people come to us because they failed their driving test and not quite sure what to do next. This is what you need to know what to do next. If you have just failed your DVSA practical...Read More

How To Teach Your Kids To Drive

How to teach your kids to drive? Teaching your teenage son or daughter to drive can be daunting, but it can be enjoyable and a lot of fun if done properly. have started teaching my son to drive recently and so far it is going well. As a driving instructor...Read More

New Drivers Could Be Banned From Driving At Night, UK Government Says

"New Drivers Could Be Banned From Driving At Night"-  UK Government Says. The Government is looking into banning new drivers from driving at night in order to improve road safety. The Department For Transport (DFT) is said to be considering an Australian type graduating driving licence. Source: DFT The department...Read More

How to become a Good Driver and pass your Driving Test?

Would like to become a good driver? Many people think way too much about how they can pass their driving test without considering the most important question, how can I become a good and safe driver for the rest of my life? When you become a good driver, you save...Read More

Why People Fail the Driving Test? 12 Practical Reasons

What are the most common reasons why people fail the driving test? Have you asked yourself this questions? Find below 12 Practical Reasons Why People Fail the Driving Test! All you need to know. Stop wasting time and money. Pass your Driving Test the first time! Over the years very...Read More

Pass Your Driving Test the First Time – 14 Top Tips

Pass Your Driving Test The First Time in 2019   Passing your driving test the first time must be your ultimate goal when you are doing your driving lessons. Everyone has got or will get nervous on the day of their practical driving test, it’s human nature.  Always try and...Read More
Motorway Driving For Learner Drivers

Motorway Driving Lessons – Intensive Courses

Your driving instructor should aim to cover all aspects of motorway driving. Please see below the DVSA’s aim when they instructed motorway lessons for learner drivers. It is not a comprehensive list but it will help learner drivers become safer drivers. Which is what every driving instructor strives for.Read More

Are you a Distracted Driver?

This week I had the pleasure of doing a piece to camera for the ITV program Good Morning Britain on distracted driving, especially looking at distracted drivers who use their mobile phones to text and tweet while driving. The presenter and cameraman turned up at 6 am to shoot the piece, we decided to drive into […]Read More
Driving into old age - Intensive Courses

Driving into Old Age? We can Help You! This is What You Need to Know

Driving into Old Age?  A petition backed by almost a quarter of a million signatures sparked major debates across the country whether it should be made compulsory for drivers driving into old age to retake their driving tests every three years. Here’s what it is all about… Current Legislation At present, UK law simply requires […]Read More

First Steps – Things to Do After You Passed Your Driving Test

Well, you’ve done it – you passed your driving test! Congratulations! The question is, what happens now? Here are a few things you must do before heading out on your first ‘solo driving adventure’. Things to Do After You Passed Your Driving Test – Your Pass Certificate and Licence As soon as your driving test […]Read More

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