Intensive Driving Courses free theory testWe specialise in intensive driving courses and semi intensive courses covering most of the UK and we can help you to pass your driving test.

Intensive Driving Courses are suitable for people who want to pass their driving test in one to two weeks with lessons being 2-5 hours per day and don't want to spend months and years learning.

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Below you can read some tips to help you decide which is the most appropriate driving course for you

What you need to know before you start your Intensive Driving Course

  • You must hold a UK provisional driving licence. ­ Click here.
  • You will need to have passed your theory test before the start date of your intensive driving course as it is not possible to book a practical driving test with the DVSA without this, there is also waiting times for practical test dates which change day by day, minute by minute, with the intensive course it is best to wait until you have a practical driving test booked in place and work backwards from the test date to fit your lessons in, if you are doing a semi-intensivecourse you can start lessons at a much earlier date if you are not to concerned about doing your course over a matter of weeks, we can help you with passing your theory test with our extensive range of free study material on this site.
  • We will book both your theory and practical driving tests for you. Your practical driving test will be in place for you on the last day of your course.
  • You will have the same driving instructor for the duration of your course and you will learn on a one to one basis with no other pupils in the car.

Do Intensive Driving courses work?

The short answer is YES, but this is not suitable for everyone as there is a lot of information to take in in a short period of time.

While planning for intensive driving course, the first thing you need to do is make the time available for your course. ­ Read more

Lara Stone’s who never driven before and passed first time with flying colours.

How long will it take?

Depending on which course you do, the courses can be taken from 1 week plus, we will try and work around your availability. The maximum hours we do per day is 5 hours per day.  It is always best to book your lessons in once you know when the practical driving is and work backwards from that test date to fit your hours.

But it really depends on the individual as the courses is taught on case by case basis. To give you an example how a crash course can help you , see eg: Lara Stone driving test

Intensive Driving Courses - What you need to know

How much an Intensive Driving Courses cost?

It costs £29 per lesson (manual driving) or £31 (automatic driving). You only pay for lessons used, any unused lessons are refunded back to you.

Finance your Driving Lessons with Intensive Courses






Semi ­Intensive Driving Courses Alternative

If Intensive Driving Courses are NOT Suitable for me?

Why not do one of our semi ­intensive driving courses which are less intense than an intensive driving course.

For this course you do not need to have passed your theory test, but you will have to have passed your theory test before we can book a practical driving test.

You will have the same driving instructor for the duration of your course and you will learn on a one to one basis with no other pupils in the car. Read more

Intensive Driving Courses - Video Testimonial

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