Driving School Videos

Our range of driving school videos gives you some great tips on how to perform some of the basic manoeuvring skills you will need to drive a vehicle and pass your test. Click the links to be taken to the relevant pages and you will be able to watch each video that’s designed to help you learn and grow as a road user.

Large Roundabouts

Follow our driving video as it goes into detail for how to approach large roundabouts, position yourself correctly within the lanes and safely leave the roundabout at your preferred exit.

Turning in the Road (three point turn)

Turning in the road is the name for the old ‘three point turn’ manoeuvre that is now no longer restricted to the three turns. In this video learn the full turning in the road steps, along with many great pointers and what to watch for when turning in the road.

Reverse on the corner to your left

Reversing around the corner to your left, is an important skill, allowing the driver to effectively turn in the road and change directions. In this driving video, our lead instructor goes through tips and techniques to help you master the manoevre.

Emergency Stop

Learning to perform an emergency stop well is vital for both your test and more importantly to be a safe and competent driver. In this video Noel goes through the process of carrying out an emergency stop so you can make yourself familiar with it.

Parallel Parking – Reverse Parking

Follow our expert driving instructor, as he gives you step by step instructions on how best to perform parallel parking, or reverse parking, including positions and distance.

Reverse into the bay to your left

It is important to know how to reverse into a parking bay; you need it for your test and it is something that you will carry out many times during your everyday driving. Our expert video shows you step-by-step how to reverse into a bay to your left.

Reverse into the bay to your left – mistake

Many driving students are nervous of failing because they make mistakes. We show you how to correct a reverse into the bay preoperly, so you can start to master the manoeuvre, even if you need to correct it.

Last updated: 11/11/2022

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