Intensive Courses Terms and Conditions

Intensive Courses Terms and ConditionsAll payments are to be made directly to ONLINE or by calling: 0333 366 1251.  Payments will need to be made in full at the time of booking.

Pupils must ensure that they have a current valid UK provisional driving licence with them on the first day/lesson of the driving course and a photo of your provisional licence will be taken by your instructor to verify that your licence is valid and to confirm you are who you say you are, you will also need your UK provisional licence when you present yourself for your driving test. Ltd accepts no responsibility for any payments made direct to instructors.

All courses, lessons, times and dates are to be booked in direct between you the pupil and your instructor. All lessons are from 2-5 hours per day. Ltd will not be held responsible for any changes to courses, lessons, dates and times made. Any unused lessons are refunded back to you at the end of the course (to be confirmed with your instructor). 

Please note that the course you buy is only an estimated guide and you may/may not need extra lessons to get you to the test standard that is required by the DVSA as everyone learns at different rates.


All driving instructors are self-employed and are licensed and regulated by the DVSA (Driving Vehicle Standards Agency).

Where Ltd Driving School Agency makes bookings with, or supplies any information or documentation to you, or processes any payments for your lessons, they act as the agent for your instructor. Ltd accepts no responsibility if you the pupil choose to go direct to your allocated instructor after meeting your instructor or once your course has been completed. 

Theory Test

The theory test booking only comes free as part of the 24 hourly lessons (completed) and above.  If you complete less than the 24 hourly lessons and request a refund of the remaining lessons then the theory test fee charge of £23.00 will taken off of any lesson payment that has to be refunded back to you.

* Only 1 free theory test booking per course/customer

All theory tests dates are booked in direct with you the pupil over the phone with a member of staff, this allows you to pick a date and time to suit you and your diary.  Intensivecourses will never book a theory test without talking to you first.


When you have your photo taken by your instructor after passing your practical test you are hereby giving Ltd permission/consent to use your photo (and / or any quote) on our website and social media sites unless you state in writing that you do not wish for your photo (and / or any quote) to be used.

Cancellation Notice:

If you wish to cancel a lesson that you have booked with your instructor a minimum of 48hrs notice must be given, this will then give the instructor enough time to allocate the lesson to someone else,  if 48hrs notice is not given you will be CHARGED.

If you wish to cancel a course, a minimum of 10 working days (excludes weekends/bank holidays) prior notice must be given otherwise you will be CHARGED for the full course.

Cancellations must be made directly to Ltd. If you do not give 10 working days (excludes weekends/bank holidays) notice of a cancellation, Ltd will be entitled to charge you for the course concerned.  This is because your instructor will have booked out dates/times for the lessons / course in their diary.

Practical Tests

We will book the practical test for you on the Government’s website for the first available date that they have, please note that we have no control over the waiting times on the Government’s website, but we will do our very best to find a cancellation date for you if one becomes available on the Government’s website.

Once has had permission from you to book a practical test (by email / phone / or order confirmation), we will do so via the Government’s website, when the practical test booking confirmation is emailed over to you the pupil then the practical test booking becomes your property and Ltd is not responsible for your practical test booking. 

We will require a written email confirmation from you and 5 working days (excludes weekends) notice to cancel your driving test or you will forfeit your test fee, the cancellation date is found on the booking confirmation letter email that is emailed over to you when you book a course, there is also a link on the confirmation letter email, this is the DVSA rules and not ours and this is because the DVSA (Driving Vehicle Standards Agency) require five working days notice to cancel any test. Ltd accepts no responsibility if the DVSA move/change or cancel your practical test.

Any practical tests that we have booked are for pupils who are taking a driving course / lessons with Ltd, if you decide not to go ahead with a driving course and we have booked you a practical test then the practical test will be cancelled and allocated to a pupil who is taking a driving course with Ltd.

Car Hire

All hourly lessons / courses include the use/hire of the instructors car for the practical test day in any package you buy.

Your driving instructor has the right to withhold the use of his/her vehicle for your driving test if in their opinion you the pupil is not up to the required driving test standards set out by the DVSA (Driving Standards Vehicle Agency). Click here for further information

Re-booking a practical test

If you would like us to re-book you a practical test, the DVSA charge £62.00, this must be made / paid to Ltd before a re-test can be booked.

We Ltd cannot be held responsible if the DVSA have to cancel or postpone the driving test for whatever reason they give, but we will do our very best to get another test date as soon as possible or cover for the driving test if we have the availability.


We Ltd cannot be held responsible if instructors need to change cars, driving lesson times, dates due to sickness / mechanical breakdown, cancellation test dates etc.

You can read more information about our Intensive Driving Courses here.

By booking your driving course with us, you hereby agree to our terms and conditions

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