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Using Intensive Courses to learn to drive was a brilliant decision. I felt confident that my instructor Chris wasn’t just teaching me to pass my test but to be a thoughtful and safe driver on the roads. Passed the first time! Ecstatic. Thank you, IC!

Daisy Ridley


Congratulations to George Ezra Barnett, the singer, who passed the test at ST Albans test centre with the help of one of our local driving instructors. Read more about George Ezra driving test here. Read more

George Ezea

British singer

Noel is quite simply a brilliant teacher. He’s patient, thorough and makes learning to drive extremely enjoyable. I couldn’t recommend him more. Johnny Capps Co-Creator and Executive Producer Merlin.

Johnny Capps

Television producer

Congratulations to Niall Horan of One Direction, who passed his driving test with Intensive Courses

Niall looks ecstatic as he becomes the first One Direction star to pass his driving test with Intensive Courses. Read more

Niall Horan

Irish singer-songwriter

Congratulations to Lara Stone supermodel who passed with Intensive Courses I have never driven before and I only started driving 8 days ago and have just passed my test, it hasn’t sunk in yet, it’s a great feeling, www.intensivecourses.co.uk is brilliant, I loved every minute of my lessons. Read more about Lara’s testimonial here.

Lara Stone

Dutch fashion model

Adele Adkins passed her driving test at Sidcup South East London driving test centre Friday 11th October at 10:14 am on her first attempt.

Adele passed her test with 1 minor which her examiner thought was exceptional, Adele was over the moon as it will give her a lot more freedom to travel around London. Read more


Adele Adkins


Fantastic instructor, lovely nutter, couldn’t have done it without Noel. Thank you.


Recording artist

Congratulations to James McAvoy who recently passed his driving test with www.intensivecourses.co.uk first time. Read more

James McAvoy


Congratulations to Edward from
Mumford & Sons who passed first time with intensivecourses.co.uk 

Edward Dwane

British musician

Congratulations to Jeany Spark who passed with Intensivecourses.co.uk
Read more

Jeany Spark


Congratulations to Tamsin Egerton who passed first time with Intensivecourses.co.uk

Tamsin Egerton


Congratulations to Ben Aldridge who recently passed his driving test with www.intensivecourses.co.uk.

Ben Aldridge


Congratulations to Joel who passed their practical test with the help of Gary at Intensive courses

Joel Fry

British actor

Congratulations to Stanley Tucci who passed first time with the help of Julien at Intensive Courses Driving School

“Julien was a fantastic teacher and helped me get to grips with the rules of the road in England. After just a few lessons I passed my practical test first time which is all thanks to Julien. The rest of his team were also incredibly helpful with booking tests etc. Would highly recommend the intensive courses to everyone. Thanks so much- Stanley Tucci” 

Stanley Tucci

American actor

Liam has passed his driving test at  Sidcup Driving Test Centre Southeast London, he passed with only 1 minor and passed the first time, the examiner was impressed with his driving ability and learnt in 23 hours worth of driving tuition with Noel Gaughan at Intensivecourses.co.uk Ltd. Read More

Liam Payne


James Newman (singer/songwriter) passes driving test with with the help of Yousouff at Intensivecourses with flying colours at Wood Green Driving Test Centre.

James Newman


Congratulations to Ellie on passing your practical test with the help of Julien from Intensive Courses

Ellie Bamber


Best driving instructor ever, absolutely fantastic, Noel taught my boyfriend and friends, what an amazing experience.
Pixie Geldof


Thank you so much for making me a better driver, I’m grateful and truly appreciate your patience and effort, I am so happy I have recomended you to my boyfriend James Osbourne to do his intensivecourse with you” (James also passed first time) with intensivecourses.co.uk

Annabelle Wallis

English actress

Noel is a fantastic teacher and although the intensive course is tough he makes it enjoyable with his wit and relaxed nature, no shouting from this man! He makes you think for yourself which ultimately gives you the confidence not just to pass your test but to drive alone. Thanks again Noel!

Christina Chong

English actress

Intensive Courses proved to be the answer to my prayers. I had to get a driving license before my pregnant wife went into labour and had left myself just a month to do so.

James O’Brien

British radio presenter

Intensive courses helped me to develop the confidence I needed to pass the test in a short period of time. They made me feel relaxed and prepared and I could not recommend them more highly. Thank you. 

Hayley Atwell

British-American actress

Congratulations to Tilly Ramsay on passing your practical test with the help of Gary at Intensive Courses

Matilda Ramsay

TV Presenter

Congratulations to Rhys Ifans who recently passed first time with www.intensivecourses.co.uk.

Rhys Ifans

Welsh actor

Congratulations to John Newman on passing his practical test with his instructor Yousouff.

John Newman

English singer

Congratulations to Carey Mulligan on passing your practical test with the help of Noel from Intensive Courses

Carey Mulligan

English actress

Congratulations to Carl Barat on passing his driving test with the help from Noel at intensivecourses.co.uk

Carl Barat

British musician

Congratulations to Javier Weyler from Stereophonics who recently passed first time with www.intensivecourses.co.uk.

Javier Weyler


Congratulations to Gethin Anthony, who passed the driving test at Sidcup Driving Test Centre the actor who stars in Game of Thrones, who passed with intensive courses

Gethin Anthony

English television and film actor

Intensive courses is a great way to pass your test if you want to reach a high standard over a short period of time. It worked for me!” Thank you again for all your help.

Romola Garai

British film and television actress

I have wanted to do this over the last 20 years but never had the chance, I am so glad I went to intensivecourses.co.uk, I had a lot going on and trying to make time for lessons was difficult. Read more

David Lammy

British politician

Congratulations to Gemma Arterton who passed first time with Intensivecourses.co.uk
Read more

Gemma Arterton

English actress

Congratulations to Paul Weller’s daughter Leah and his son Nat and his partner Hannah who passed first time with www.intensivecourses.co.uk.

Leah and Natt Weller

Model & Singer

Hello, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Frederico for teaching me how to drive and pass my test.
It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience working with him, he really knows how to get the job done in the best possible way
And encouraged me all the way to relax and to enjoy myself. I would highly recommend Frederico to anyone
who wants to learn to drive …

Wishing you all the very best ..

Merry Christmas ….

Yours sincerely

Hans Matheson

English television and film actor

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Last updated: 02/12/2022

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