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Intensive Driving Course Wood Green N22

Intensive Driving Courses in London N22 – Areas Covered Wood Green, Bounds Green and Bowes Park – Fully qualified driving schools offering Driving Lessons and Crash Courses in North London.

At Intensive Courses, we offer quality driving lessons in the London N22 area. We have brilliant local driving instructors covering your area. Our Driving Instructors are all fully qualified and of the highest grades. Our driving instructors in London will pick you up from home for your driving lessons.

We are one of the fastest-growing driving schools in Wood Green and North London so you can be reassured you are getting top quality driving lessons at a great price. Your driving instructor will guide you through your driving course and get you up to test standard in the shortest time possible. Our colleagues at our call centre will monitor your progress. They book your theory test and practical driving test for you.

James McAvoy learned to drive in the Alexandra Palace N22, North London, James passed his practical test first time at the Wood Green DVSA test centre, with the help of our instructor Yousouff from Intensive Courses

Congratulations to James McAvoy actor who passed his driving test with a crash course from Intensive Courses Driving School in London N22 area.

Congratulations to James McAvoy actor who passed his driving test with Intensive Courses Driving School – London N22 area.



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Intensive Driving Courses In London N22

For easy mobility in North London, you will do yourself a great favour by taking intensive driving courses.

We want you to get the best out of our driving courses.

Our intensive driving course is designed around your diary and at times that suit you. Your theory test is booked at your local theory test centre and you decide which one is best for you by our colleagues. Why not check out the wealth of theory and hazard perception material we have on our website.

Congratulations to Nadya from London N22 on passing your practical test with a crash course from Intensive Courses
Congratulations to Nadya on passing your practical test with the help of Yousouff from Intensive Courses

I passed my driving test with Intensive courses a few months ago and wanted to send in a testimonial about Yousouff.

When I came to Intensive Courses I had already failed three times and had terrible nerves. The earliest test date I could get for my local centre was months away, but the office managed to snap up an earlier cancellation for me on a perfect date for my schedule. My instructor Yousouff knew the area and test routes extremely well and learning with him meant no surprises on the day so I was able to relax – everything went exactly to plan and I passed with only a handful of minors. Yousouff’s knowledge and experience definitely made all the difference!

Our fantastic driving courses which are sometimes called intensive driving courses run from 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 9 day and 11 days. Or if you prefer you could do one of our semi intensive courses over a longer period of time, we are the driving school for you. Check out our prices.

Your success in your driving exam will assist you to secure a lot of years of safe driving whether in a manual or an automatic motor vehicle. So, London residents, remember that you can learn how to drive in just 1 to 3 weeks with Intensive Courses or over a longer period of time to suit you. We are really looking forward to helping you get your full driving licence. Please call our colleagues on the number above and they will help you get started.

London N22 – Areas Covered

We cover all postcodes in North London.

Areas Covered Wood Green, Bounds Green and Bowes Park.

As one of the leading driving schools in Wood Green, we have multiple driving schools within the N22 postcode.

Your nearest Practical Driving Test Centres are:

Top 10 Tips for Learning in N22 Wood Green

Where is the best quietest place to start your lessons? 

The best place to get started for lessons is off Perth Road, Eldon Road and Norman Avenue.

What are the speed limits on the roads? 

Most of the roads are 30 mph with a few 20mph. The A10 Great Cambridge Road is 40mph before you get to the Great Cambridge Roundabout. Parts of the A406 are 40mph and 50 mph

Are there any big or small roundabouts in my area? 

There are some smaller roundabouts but the biggest and some would say most difficult one is the Great Cambridge Roundabout.

Are there any dual carriageways?

The A10 and the A406 are the main dual carriageways.

What are the best times during the day to do your driving lessons? 

There is no good or bad time to learn to drive in the area. Just bear in mind that it can get quite busy around Wood Green Station and as always the A406 North Circular.

Are there any busy/difficult/unusual junctions?  

The main road is nearly always busy.  Be careful when turning right from White Hart Lane onto Wolves Lane. Just before you turn you will see a no-enter sign for the exit. Don’t turn onto the exit but a few feet forward you will see the entrance. It isn’t easy to see the approach

Are there any places to practice bay parking? 

Not too many places but a lot of people practice at the Tottenham and Wood Green practical test centres when there are no tests going on also you should find somewhere there are big blocks of flats.

Which are my nearest theory test centres?

Your nearest theory test centres are Southgate and then followed by London Bridge (Southwark) and after that Ilford.

Where are my local practical test centres?

The nearest practical test centre is Wood Green then followed by Tottenham just down the road.

Which is the easiest test centre to do your practical driving test in my area?

As Wood Green and Tottenham practical test centres covers the same routes there is no easier or harder test centre.

How much does an intensive driving course cost?

Click here to check out our prices. For those wishing to spread out the cost, we offer a finance option

Congratulations to Sebastian Efstathiou for passing his Driving Test in London N22

Before September 2020, I had never sat in the driver’s seat of a car, and by December, I had passed. Yousouff is a fantastic and exceptionally conscientious instructor, and I had an excellent experience with the Intensive Courses Driving School. Highly recommend!!

Sebastian Efstathiou

Whatever Driving Courses you need, Intensive Course is the Driving School for you.

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Whatever Driving Courses you need,
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