Please check the Government website below for the latest updates on Theory and Practical Driving Tests – February 2021:

Theory & Practical Tests

Please follow the Government Guidelines via this link to keep you safe



COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on the learning to drive industry.
All driving lessons have ground to a halt except for those driving instructors who are teaching key workers. Please see link to the government’s page on Keyworkers:

As most driving instructors their whole income has stopped abruptly, the government have now stepped in to help with some self employed income.

The stoppage is expected to last for at least 3 months (minimum), there is a fear that a lot of driving instructors will not come back to teach when this is all over.

For the safety of our instructors and pupils, we are asking all to wear gloves/mask for all of your driving lessons including to your driving test thus ensuring the safety of you and those around you.

Once the DVSA portal re-opens we will then be able to book in the first available test slot they have, this we will have no control over, most driving instructors will get booked up very quickly from those pupils who have had their courses/tests postponed.

List of events

  • March 22nd was when all driving lessons stopped

On this day all driving lessons stopped by order of the government, as it is impossible to teach someone to drive in a car and still be 2 meters apart. The DVSA have started re-booking theory tests for 4 weeks ahead, these theory tests may need to be moved again.

  • March 23rd

The DVSA have started to re-book practical driving tests for the end of June onwards at most driving test centres.
They have also closed down their website to stop anyone from amending their practical test or booking in a new driving test.
The DVSA website is expected to re-open soon for new bookings.

COVID-19 Theory Test Centres

COVID-19 Practical Test Centres

DVSA Online Booking Closed/Suspended

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Theory Test Booking Updates

Key Worker Updates

Practical Test Dates

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Practical Test updates & Key workers

Existing Pupils Theory Test Rebooking

Updates to emergency Driving Test


Most driving instructors are in their 50’s and 60’s (even in their 70′) and they are in a fear that many will not return to teaching which is expected to start again in late June. In the longer term driving lessons are expected to get more expensive as there will be more people learning but fewer driving instructors to teach them.


Last updated: 22/02/2021

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