Why do online theory test training?

Do you feel you need online classroom theory and hazard perception training?
There are many reasons why people like doing virtual online class theory test training, the biggest reason is that it gives focus to the lessons and you know you will have an expert on hand if you’re unsure of anything.
If you have dyslexia or dyspraxia you are more than welcome at our classes

Where the theory test classes are held?

Our in-depth 5-day theory test training takes place online from 8-9pm (Monday – Friday) for 1 hour each evening.
This online training covers the theory test questions to the hazard and perception part of the test (please note that there will not be enough time to go through all the theory test questions as well as the hazard and perception part of the test as there are over 1000 questions, so you will have to revise this beforehand and after).

Where are the theory and hazard perception test classes run from?

The online theory test classes are run online every week from Monday – Friday for 1 hour each evening?


How does it work and what should I do before the training?

You will be expected to have done some previous studying prior to your 5-day theory test training days.   We suggest you do around 10 hours of training before your online virtual training.  If you are unsure of any of the questions or clips on the theory and hazard perception test then you will have ample time email your questions to your online tutor.
The classes will cover both the theory test questions and the hazard perception elements of the test.  As we have only 5 days with you (there will not be enough time to go through all the questions as there are over 1000), you will need to have covered some if not all of the test beforehand. We will not expect you to be proficient in both tests before you start.


How much does the course cost?

The five-day online theory test training course usually costs £79.00, but for the summer we are giving 40% off so you only pay £47.40.

Last updated: 11/11/2022

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