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London E18 – Intensive Courses

Intensive Courses offer crash driving courses throughout London E18 and the wider area, including Redbridge, South Woodford, and Woodford.

At Intensive Courses, we offer quality driving lessons in the E18 area. We have highly-graded, fully qualified driving instructors with extensive local knowledge of the E18 area roads.  They will pick you up from home for your driving lessons.

Congratulations to Youcef on passing your practical test with the help of Paresh from Intensive Courses

Dear Intensive Courses, I am writing to you with immense excitement and joy. I booked a 10-hour intensive driving course and began with my Theory test. Having passed that I was then booked a slot to take my test earlier today – the 23/02/16. I was told by someone from your offices that an Instructor named Paresh Patel would be teaching me all I needed to know in those 10 hours, and indeed he did. A tough and unforgiving couple of lessons were to follow. Paresh managed to iron me out and make a good driver out of me, carefully analysing my mistakes and not letting any slip by, he would always be on hand to answer questions and keep me on my toes. I would go home after our lessons still hearing echoes of his voice in my head. All my questions were answered and he taught me that with hard work come extraordinary results. I am incredibly overjoyed at how he managed all this in just 10 hours. Thank you thank you thank you! Paresh is seriously a genius at what he does. Regards, Youcef 

We are the leading driving school covering the whole of London, so you can be reassured you are getting top quality driving lessons at a great price. Your driving instructor will guide you through your driving course and get you up to test standard in the shortest time possible. Our colleagues at our call centre will monitor your progress. They book your theory test and practical driving test for you.

Working around your schedule 

Our driving instructors will pick you up from your home at the start of each driving lesson, following a schedule that works around you. If you have limited free time available throughout the week, you can benefit from our semi-intensive driving course.

When choosing between an intensive driving course or a semi-intensive driving course, this will be determined by your schedule; we agree in advance which will work best for you. Our intensive driving courses run from 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 9 day and 11 days. If you opt for a semi-intensive course, we can schedule your lessons for 1-2 days a week, for around 3-5 hours per session. 



Adele's Intensive Driving Course in North West London
Niall Horan's Intensive Driving Course in East London

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Our fantastic driving courses which are sometimes called intensive driving courses run from 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 9 day and 11 days. Or if you prefer you could do one of our semi intensive courses over a longer period of time, we are the driving school for you. Check out our prices.

Intensive Driving Courses In London E18

Freedom through Intensive Driving Courses

Learning to drive gives you the independence you deserve to go where you want when you want. With your own vehicle and the knowledge and certification to drive it, you can explore London and the wider area in a whole new way. Your success in your driving exam will start you off the right way to ensure many years of safe driving in a manual or an automatic vehicle. So, London E18 residents, remember that you can learn how to drive in just 1 to 3 weeks with Intensive Courses. We look forward to helping you begin your journey as a qualified driver. To book your driving lessons in London E18 with a nearby reputable driving school, click here or call us on our free number above.

Why choose an Intensive Course?

Do you want to spend months learning to drive – or would you rather pass in as little as one to two weeks with our intensive courses? Spend 2-5 hours a day with us, dependent on the course you choose to suit your busy schedule. Your driving instructor will guide you through your driving course and get you up to test standard in the shortest time possible. We are a leading driving school in London E18 and throughout the UK, so you can be reassured you are getting customer-approved driving lessons at a competitive price.
Still not sure about Intensive Driving Courses? Visit our Crash Courses page for more information.

How much does an intensive driving course cost?

We aim to keep our prices competitive to ensure everyone has the opportunity to benefit from our services. These prices will likely end up much less than it would cost to take a series of standard driving lessons over a period of months or years. What you pay will vary on how many lessons you want to take and whether you are learning to drive an automatic or manual vehicle. For those wishing to spread out the cost, we offer a finance option.

Check out our prices

Taking your test

Your theory test will be booked at your preferred local theory test centre by our colleagues. We have a wealth of theory and hazard perception material on our website to aid you in your studies. We will book your driving test on your behalf and will aim to ensure this is booked for the last day of your course where possible.

London E18 Driving Test Centres

Your local driving test centres are:

The driving test is booked for the last day of your course.

London E18 – Areas Covered

We cover all postcodes in East London – including the E18 areas of Redbridge, South Woodford, and Woodford.

How much does an intensive driving course cost?

Click here to check out our prices. For those wishing to spread out the cost, we offer a finance option

There are so many fantastic things to see and do in E18 –  link up with London Spy Tours, go for a walk alongside the River Roding, or exercise and relax in Churchfield Gardens or Elmhurst Gardens. Now is the time for you to get your driving licence and get out there to these places! We have local driving schools dotted all around this area so you are never too far away to start your lessons with Intensive Courses.

For great driving lessons in E18 with a great driving school, call our colleagues on our freephone number above.

Whatever Driving Courses you need, Intensive Course is the Driving School for you.

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Whatever Driving Courses you need,
We are the Driving School for you

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