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Intensive Driving Course in Bethnal Green & Shoreditch London E2

Intensive Courses offer crash driving courses throughout London E2 and the wider area, including Bethnal Green, Haggerston, Shoreditch, Cambridge Heath and Tower Hamlets

At Intensive Courses, we offer exceptional crash driving courses in the East London area. Our dedicated local driving instructors are fully qualified to help you pass your test within a short timeframe, so you can get driving legally on the roads as quickly as possible.

Working around your schedule 

Our driving instructors are near you in your area and will pick you up from your home at the start of each driving lesson, following a schedule that works around you. If you have limited free time available throughout the week, you can benefit from our semi-intensive driving course.

Congratulations to Mel from London E2 on passing your practical test with an intensive driving course from Intensive Courses Driving School

Congratulations to Mel on passing your practical test with the help of Paresh from Intensive Course

I would like to thank Paresh and the Team at Intensive Courses for their professionalism and continued support throughout my driving lessons and practical test experience. Parish is an incredibly genuine and hard-working instructor, his calm exterior and determined interior guided me to pass through a huge obstacle in my life – he has been an absolute pleasure from Day 1. Thank you once again!

Mel Ruben

When choosing between an intensive driving course or a semi-intensive driving course, this will be determined by your schedule; we agree in advance which will work best for you. Our intensive driving courses run from 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 9 day and 11 days. If you opt for a semi-intensive course, we can schedule your lessons for 1-2 days a week, for around 3-5 hours per session. 



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Our fantastic driving courses which are sometimes called intensive driving courses run from 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 9 day and 11 days. Or if you prefer you could do one of our semi intensive courses over a longer period of time, we are the driving school for you. Check out our prices.

Intensive Driving Courses In London E2

Freedom through Intensive Driving Courses

Learning to drive gives you the independence you deserve to go where you want when you want. With your own vehicle and the knowledge and certification to drive it, you can explore London and the wider area in a whole new way. Your success in your driving exam will start you off the right way to ensure many years of safe driving in a manual or an automatic vehicle. So, London E2 residents, remember that you can learn how to drive in just 1 to 3 weeks with Intensive Courses. We look forward to helping you begin your journey as a qualified driver. To book your driving lessons in London E2 with a nearby reputable driving school, click here or call us on our free number above.

Why choose Intensive Driving Courses?

We are one of the fastest-growing driving schools in London E2 and throughout the UK, so you can be reassured you are getting customer-approved driving lessons at a competitive price. Your driving instructor will guide you through your driving course and get you up to test standard in the shortest time possible. Not sure about Intensive Driving Courses? Visit our Crash Courses page for more information. Intensive Driving Courses are suitable for people who want to pass their driving test in one to two weeks with lessons being 2-5 hours per day and do not want to spend months and years learning.

Congratulations to Edward Dwane (Ted) – Edward did his driving lessons around Bethnal Green area and went on to pass his driving test at Goodmayes test centre in East London, IG3

Edward Dwane from Mumford and Sons passes his driving test with a crash course from Intensive Courses Driving School

Edward Dwane from Mumford and Sons poses with his driving test certificate after passing his test with Intensive Courses

How much does an intensive driving course cost?  

We aim to keep our prices competitive to ensure everyone has the opportunity to benefit from our services. These prices will likely end up much less than it would cost to take a series of standard driving lessons over a period of months or years. What you pay will vary on how many lessons you want to take and whether you are learning to drive an automatic or manual vehicle. For those wishing to spread out the cost, we offer a finance option.

Check out our prices.

Kevin from E2 passed with Nurul at Chingford Test Centre in London E2

Taking your test
Your theory test will be booked at your preferred local theory test centre by our colleagues. We have a wealth of theory and hazard perception material on our website to aid you in your studies. We will book your driving test on your behalf and will aim to ensure this is booked for the last day of your course where possible.

London E2 Driving Test Centres

Your local driving test centres are :

The driving test is booked for the last day of your course.

London E2 – Areas Covered

We cover all postcodes in East London. Areas Covered: Bethnal Green, Haggerston, Shoreditch, Cambridge Heath and Tower Hamlets and the wider area. As one of the leading driving schools in London, we have multiple driving schools within the E2 postcode.

How much does an intensive driving course cost?

Click here to check out our prices. For those wishing to spread out the cost, we offer a finance option

Top 10 Tips for learning in E2 – Bethnal Green


Where is the best quietest place to start your lessons from?

Off Old Ford Road towards Hackney Wick you have fish Island, Smeed Road and Dace Roads are a great place to get started for your first lessons, then heading back down Old Ford Road.

What are the speed limits on the roads?

There are some 20 mph but most roads are 30 mph generally. The closest faster roads and the A12 and the A13 dual carriageways .

Are there many big or small roundabouts in my area?

There are a few small roundabouts but no big roundabouts in the area. You would need to head towards where the A11 and the A12 meet, also if you head towards the Isle Of Dogs there is a big roundabout just of the Radisson Blu hotel.

Are there any dual carriageways?

The A13 and A12 is the main dual carriageways just outside the area. The speed limits vary from 30 mph upwards.

What are the best times during the day to do your driving lessons?

It’s good to drive at different times of the day as it will help you improve.

Are there any busy/difficult/unusual junctions?

Most of the main roads get busy and the roundabout beside Mcdonald’s just off the A12 can get extremely busy, watch out for cyclists in particular.

Are there any places to practice bay parking?

Housing estates are good places to get the practice in on bay parking.

Which are my nearest theory test centres?

The nearest theory test centres at Mile End, A and C, London Bridge and Ilford theory test centre.

Where is my local practical test centre?

The nearest driving test centre is Wanstead followed by Barking, Goodmayes and Chingford.

Which is the easiest test centre to do your practical driving test in my area?

All test routes are much the same but driving instructors tend to have a favourite so have a chat with your driving instructor.

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Last updated: 07/05/2024

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