Lara Stone supermodel – Intensive Courses

[su_pullquote align=”right”]I have never driven before and I only started driving 8 days ago and have just passed my test, it hasn’t sunk in yet, it’s a great feeling, are brilliant, I loved every minute of my lessons – Lara Stone[/su_pullquote]

Lara Stone has just passed her driving test today with, she had done an 8 day intensive driving course and she had never driven before and passed first time with flying colours.

Lara passed her test at Barnet test centre, Lara was very nervous about doing the test after such a short period of time.

David Walliams is currently doing the Thames Charity swim so this was extra difficult for Lara to concentrate solely on her driving test.

Lara passed her test with only 8 minors which is brilliant considering the amount of time she has been driving, Lara had done less than 40hrs worth of lessons.