You have decided now is the best time for you to get your full driving licence but your not sure where to start the process. I will give you a step by step guide from how to apply for your provisional driving licence up to the all-important passing your driving test. I will keep this guide simple and as easy as possible to follow. But if there is anything you don’t quite understand just remember I am only a free phone call away. It’s all free advice which will help your pocket as well.

Here are a few of the main reasons how you can get your driving licence

Provisional Driving Licence

This is where you start if you need a driving licenceFirst things first. The first important step is to apply for your provisional driving licence – click here. This part is quite simple. You just need to click on this link to the DVLA ( Its the government website ).

Once you have applied for your provisional driving licence it normally takes 2 weeks to arrive at your home address. At the time of writing the cost for this is if you apply online is £34 or if you apply by post £43. If doing it by post the form you will need to fill in at the post office is the D1 application form. ( if doing it by post it may take longer before it is posted to you.

The Theory Test

Only wants you have received your provisional licence can you apply for your theory test booking, there is around a 3-week waiting list at most theory test centres ( all theory test centres are run by the DVSA ). The DVSA is a government organisation that conducts both the theory and practical driving tests and their other roles include promoting safe driving on our roads. The theory test fee at the time of writing this is £23 which is made payable at the time of booking your theory test. Here is the link to booking your theory test.
You can only apply for a practical driving test once the theory test is passed.

Studying For your Theory Test

The theory test is broken into two parts. You must pass both parts in order to pass the theory test.
The first part is the theory test questions. You will be asked 50 questions and the pass mark is 86% which translates that you must get 43 out of 50 correct. The second part is the hazard perception part. The pass mark is 44 out of 75, which translates to a 58% pass mark. It normally takes around 15 hours of studying to get good at both parts. We have lots of the latest study material on our website. Here is a link to all the latest study material.

Driving Lessons

Now you have passed your theory test you have a full 2 years to pass your driving test if you do not pass your theory test in the 2 year period you will have to resit it again. You should book your driving lessons in at a time that best suits you, Try and vary the lessons times as much as possible as this will give you a better chance to experience lots of different road conditions and traffic flow. Get yourself a good driving instructor who will understand your needs. Because of the waiting time of the practical driving tests at most test centres it very important to time your lessons leading up to your driving test date. ( Most UK test centres have at least a two-month wait for driving test )

Driving Tests In The UK

Because of the long wait for the practical driving test in the UK, it would be wise to get your driving test booked up for the end of your lessons. Try and book your driving test at one of your local driving test centres. Here is a link to the DVSA site where you can find your local driving test centres – Find a driving Test Centre.

The driving test lasts for around 50 minutes, this is dependent on the test route you are given by your driving test examiner. Your driving instructor will take you through all you need to know for your practical driving test. If you do not commit any Major or serious mistakes and get NO more than 15 minor mistakes you should pass.

Please remember that if you commit the same minor mistakes over and over again then this can then become a major mistake. At the end of your driving test if you pass your driving test examiner will give you a pass certificate which entitles you to drive straight away on your own without supervision. Your full licence will be posted to you, it normally takes around 2 weeks to arrive.

I hope this guide helps you pass your driving test. Intensive Courses

Last updated: 09/11/2022

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