Driving Test Fail? Have you failed your driving test again? A lot of people come to us because they failed their driving test and not quite sure what to do next. This is what you need to know what to do next.

If you have just failed your DVSA practical driving test you will have to wait 10 working days before you are allowed to book and re-take your practical test, these are the DSA (driving standards agency) rules.

As most driving test centres in the UK have a much longer waiting time than this, some test centres have waiting times up to 14 weeks, but at most test centres it is 6 weeks. It’s best to start looking for your next driving test straight away. NEED AN EARLIER DRIVING TEST DATE, contact Intensive Courses.

Driving Test Fail

Driving Test Exam – Driving Test Fail? This is what you need to do next

THE PLACE TO FIND EARLIER TEST DATES, or call our office on 0207 205 2251 for cancellation driving test dates at any driving test centre in the UK.

Check with your driving instructor or driving school that they can take you on the date you have chosen for your next driving test, but before you rush in to taking another driving test figure out why you failed your test this time and make sure you have booked in enough driving lessons to get you to driving test standard and passing your driving test next time or you will find yourself in exactly the same position as you are now.

Why are you failing your driving test

This is the most important question you need to ask yourself. You are not failing because the driving examiner doesn’t like you nor are you failing your driving test because you keep been very unlucky on the day of your driving test. The reason you are failing is either you are not driving test standard or you are trying too hard on the driving test itself.

Stop Driving Test Fail – Driving Test Tips

The first thing to remember is that you are not going anywhere on your driving test, you are only going around in a big circle. The Driving test examiner is not looking for the best driver in the world. They are only looking for a SAFE driver. Keep calm and remember to breathe. If you thinking at any point that you can just about make it when coming out of a junction then don’t change it. Remember that your examiner is not on danger money. They want you to feel safe when they are with you in the car.

On the day of your driving test remember to take an hour to an hour and a half warm-up lesson to get you in the zone. o not be tempted to do any more than this as you will get overtired before the driving test itself. Stop driving about 15 minutes before your driving test, maybe have something light to eat and also something to drink. Don’t go into the waiting room of the driving test centre until about 5 minutes before your test time. Driving test waiting rooms can be daunting places at the best of time. In the nicest possible way do not worry if your driving examiner looks serious or in a bad mood. Most driving examiners look like that at the best of times. It’s just their normal look.

Try Our Short Intensive Driving Course

Why not try one of our short intensive driving courses and we will get a driving test in place for you for the last day of your driving course. You really can’t get any quicker or better way to get you on the road to a full UK driving licence. We have many fantastic driving instructors waiting to help you pass your driving test.

What to do next?

If you have not passed your practical driving test, there are 5 or 6 things you need to do next.


Please contact us. We can help you to move in the right direction.
We’ll recommend the right driving instructor for you so you can confidently prepare to take your driving test again. Your instructor will help you to get to the right driving test standards.

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