Motorway Driving Lessons – Intensive Courses

Andrew Jones the transport minister announced the plans today to allow motorway driving lessons for competent learner drivers to drive under supervision from an approved driving instructor. This is probably the biggest change in the way learner drivers are taught in many many years.


Motorway Driving Lessons for Competent Learner Drivers


The thinking behind the move is that it will help learner drivers experience all different types of roads under the supervision of professional driving instructors. At present anyone can drive on our motorways after passing the driving test without any training. Driving on the motorway without any training make it a scary experience for anyone who has just passed the driving test and more dangerous for everyone else. Can you remember the first time you went onto the motorway on your own? I can and let me tell you i was more than nervous. This will put an end to that.

Motorway Driving Lessons - Intensive Driving Courses
Motorway Driving Lessons – Intensive Driving Courses
Taking learner drivers on the motorway is something I have advocated for years. It will help learner drivers experience the real driving experience with guidance and advice for their driving instructor. It will also help them judge speed and teach them to look well ahead and plan. It will also help them see why their mirrors are so important. As we all know when driving on motorways we should be looking about a mile ahead and in our mirrors looking a mile behind.
When you see a learner driver on a motorway please treat them like every other driver and don’t make allowances.
Do not also try to bully them because at 70 miles an hour pretty bad things can happen if the driver is distracted.
I believe our minister for transport Andrew Jones has started listening to driving instructors and we will see many important changes to the way we learn to drive in the future, changes for the better. It’s an important first step in making our roads the safest in the world and I am not just talking motorways. I hope in the future that taking learner drivers on the the motorway becomes compulsorily for ALL learner drivers in the learning to drive syllabus. That way we really will be making great progress in the learning to drive field.

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