How To Do A 3 Point Turn or Turning in the Road – Step By Step Video

In this video, you will learn the Three Point Turn Steps.

What Is A 3 Point Turn For A Driving Test?

A three point turn is now referred to as a turning in the road manoeuvre because it is no longer necessary to complete in three stages. Depending upon how narrow the road is, you may take five or even seven turns, which explains the updated terminology. However it is important to learn the turning in the road manoeuvre properly, both to be confident in your test and for the frequent times three point turns will be used during your driving lifetime. This guide is here for those learning and those teaching someone to drive, whether it’s a friend or their child.

The three point turn manoeuvre

Below is the transcript from the above video:

Hi my Name is Noel Gaughan; I’m the lead driving instructor of Intensive Courses at the driving school. Today we’re going to do the turning in the road, sometimes known as a three point turn.

Depending on the size of the road, sometimes it might take more than three goes, so it might take five or seven goes if it’s a very narrow road, so we call it a turning in the road, not a three point turn.

It’s very important to make sure that you don’t hit the curb, and that you don’t interfere with any other road users any cyclists, any cars, and any pedestrians.

So as we move forward, first part of the manoeuvre, make sure it’s safe. Keep your eye on the road, check the blind spot to make sure nobody’s there, check there’s nobody going to be on the pavement in front of you as you move forward, just in case your foot lifts off the pedal and you lurch forward and hit them.

So, looking round, there’s nobody coming at the moment. So I’m turning, moving off very slowly. Turn the wheel very quickly to the right, continue to look around for any pedestrian or car or cyclist, or motorbikes.

Now when you get about a metre – a half a metre actually then from the edge of the road, we’re just going to turn the wheel in the opposite direction, getting it ready, turning it very quickly.

Now, I’ll stop and put the car into reverse, with the handbrake on and look around to make sure there’s nobody coming, looking behind to make sure there are no pedestrians or cyclists. Turn the wheel rapidly to the left looking up and down the road again still. Then near the end, looking over your right shoulder making sure you’re not too close to the curb and when about a half metre away, turn the wheel rapidly to your right.

Now put the handbrake on, and put it into first gear.

Take a look – make sure nobody is coming. If a car comes, let them decide what they want to do – they have priority not you. Make sure there’s nobody on the pavement in front of you as you’re going forward.

As you move off very slowly, turn the wheel rapidly towards your right, still looking up and down the road. And that is what you call a turning in the road.

End of transcript.

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Last updated: 07/11/2023

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