When it comes to driving who is the better driver. Women or Men?

The age old question of who is the better driver.


When it comes to handling cars I think men just about have the edge but when it come to actual driving and being a safe driver then women are way ahead.


Sometimes people get confused between the handling of a car and being a safe driver.  Most men are confident in their ability when it comes to driving and in my opinion as a driving instructor of 25 years men are maybe way to confident in their ability. Women on the other hand tend to under estimate their ability, women are by far safest drivers as is borne out by research.


Women VS Men Driving - Who is the better driver? Intensive Courses

Women VS Men Driving – Who is the better driver?

Why are women better drivers?

I have seen first hand how men and women learn to drive and the big difference I have noticed is the men are much keener to just get on with the driving part and in their eyes will pick it up as they go along. Women on the other hand generally speaking want to know all the details first about what they are about to learn and then go on to learn the specific subject, i.e. reverse around the corner exercise. Women take more lessons before the driving test but have about a 10 % bigger chance of failing the test than men. This is in my opinion comes back to the confidence issue. Insurance companies bear out the women are better drivers because in general insurance fees for women tend to be lower than men.


Can Men learn from women when it comes to driving?

Men can learn a lot from women when it comes to driving, women look out more for danger and feel less safe on the road. This makes women more aware of their surroundings, this is something generally men do not do. Women take more driving lessons which gives them a greater edge when it comes to driving once they pass the driving test.  If men put as much work in the learning to drive process they would be as safe as women on the roads and have a much lower insurance premium. Women tend not to overestimate their ability which gives them the edge.


Give it up for safer women drivers. We can all learn a lot from them.

Last updated: 11/11/2022

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